Thursday, December 4, 2008


Scarf - $6 ( I have more colors, if you would like to see pictures, send me a message. The scarfs are about 1 to 2 inches wide.)
I also have this material in different colors. :)

He's still missing his heart so I painted one on. :p
Robot Pendant w/ Christmas Hat $7

Snowman Pendant $7

Peppermint Earrings $6

Blogspot made the quality of this picture bad. :(
Charm Bracelet $15
(The bracelet will have about 10 charms. Extra charms are $0.75 each. If you want over 20 charms, you get 3 extra for free.)

Any charm that you see you can be made into earrings or pendant! :)

This bracelet has different holidays. (Christmas, Halloween, V-day, Thanksgiving..etc)
This is one is one of the ones I made for Halloween.

Christmas Cards Set - 3 cards for $6 -or- 6 cards for $10.
Cards read: "Wishing you a Christmas filled with magic and wonder."

Christmas Bows are $6 each -or-
Get 4 for $20
Get 6 for $25

Here are other Christmas ribbons I have:

xo Luna

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