Friday, October 17, 2008

Please Read

A few things you should know before placing an order:
  • You can choose the color & size of the clay items. They don't have to be the same as the pictures, unless you want them like that of course.
  • If you like a style of a bow, but prefer a different ribbon shown, let me know. :)
  • All orders are shipped within 2-4 days of payment. (Excludes Sundays)
  • When you email me with your order please include colors, size, choice of hair clip (A or B) and any other changes you would like.
  • These are all handmade. I don't use models or guidelines. The pictures are samples so please allow room for minor differences in your items.
  • I have many different ribbons...if you would like something that you don't see here, tell me cause I probably have what you are looking for. :)
  • No extra cost on custom orders unless it is something that requires a lot of materials/time.
  • If you buy 3 or more items you get 15% off.
  • I tried the paypal checkout thing and it still didn't work. I don't want to use it anyway cause it doesn't allow me to give discounts and all that good stuff.
  • You can pay by Paypal or Money Order.
  • Email your order to

:) Luna

Fall/Halloween Items :)

Charm Bracelet - $15 (This isn't a real bracelet..I lumped all the earrings and pendants, to give you an idea. :D You can choose the charms you want. It will have 10 clay charms. ) This is under the Halloween category but they don't have be Halloween charms. Witch/Wizard Hat Earrings - $6
Fall Inspired Bow - $5

Black Skeleton Bow - $5 (The skeleton is sold out, but there is ribbon still available).

Flower Bow - $6

Simple Burgundy Bow - $2.50

Black Flower- $6.50

Spooky Tree Bow -$6

I.M Knotwell Bow - $5

Fall Leaves/Clay - $6

Red Rose Bow- $6

Ms. Loopy Bones (made out of clay) - $6

Halloween Halloween - $5

Fall Inspired Bow - $5

Creepy Tombstone Earrings w/ Black Moon - $4

Happy Ghost Clay Pendant -$5
Candy Corn Earrings - $4
Frakenstein Earrings - $5
Skully Pendant $5

There are other items in the previous post that are Halloween-ish, so check those out too. :)